Los Pekenikes – Polucion

Los Pekenikes - Polucion

This week’s update is probably best filed under “Something Different” Don’t worry – it’s still packed with the funky goodness that you’ve come to expect from us. I’ve touched before on the fact that I’m also quite partial to a bit of garage, psych, freakbeat and 60s pop and the song I bring you today is one where the aforementioned genres are merged with a funk sound to create a funky, psychy instrumental stormer.

The story for Los Pekenikes begins way back in 1959 Madrid. The band was formed by 2 brothers – Alfonso & Lucas Sainz and basically started out as a student band. Fast forward to 1965 and the group were to open for none other than The Beatles during one of their shows in Madrid. The vast majority of their recording career was as an instrumental group and they became quite popular amongst the Euro beat-freaks/collectors by the turn of the millennium.

Apart from the info I have provided above, there’s not a lot more information out there about the band – though I’m sure some of my friends from Europe who are big vinyl collectors could fill in the blanks..

Just a little bit of news regarding our 3rd birthday which is approaching at the end of the year. I’ve already mentioned that I have some gigs coming up in very exciting places, well I can exclusively reveal that I will be dj’ing in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Australia during a 6 week period in December. This will be a sort of Gazfunk 3rd birthday tour which I’m very much looking forward to. I will of course update you all of the exact dates & venues once everything is confirmed.


Los Chorbos – Sones Del Chicharro

As I’m travelling to Spain over the weekend where I’ll be guesting at a couple of different nights, I thought it would tie-in rather well if I brought you a nice little piece of Spanish funk this week.

Those of you that have already listened to my 10p mix-up on Mixcloud should recognise this track (and those that haven’t – what are you waiting for??). It’s by the pretty well-known (in Spanish terms anyway) Los Chorbos. I described it as Spanish funk, but to be fair it’s more than just funk, there’s traditional Spanish guitar in there which combined with the electric guitar gives it also quite a psychedelic sound. Rodrigo Y Gabriella’s sound seems to me to have been very much influenced by tracks like this.

Anyway as I’ll be on holiday for a couple of weeks, this will probably be my last update until I come back. However – I touched on the fact that I had some exciting news to bring you in my last update, well I can tell you that not only will you be getting my funky updates every week as usual, but I’ve lined up some great guest contributors to bring you something cool from their own collection.

We’ll have some of the world’s biggest soul & funk collectors as well as radio djs, band members & label owners. So keep it real & adios amigos!

Los Mismos – Jefe Ironside

Happy New Year to you all, I trust you all had an enjoyable festive period and are looking forward to the New Year with anticipation  – I know I certainly am!

I’ve decided to bring you something a little bit different this week in the shape of this selection. Now as you know, I generally just post a picture of the actual record itself, however with the cover of this track being soooo damn groovy, I thought it only right I share it with you. I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks cool.

As for the track itself, well it’s a strange psych-funk version of the Ironside theme (originally composed by the legendary Quincy Jones in the mid sixties). It was released on the Absolute Belter label out of Spain (though I’m not 100% sure when – sometime in the late 60s I’d imagine)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this absolute belter!