The U-F-O's – Too Hot To Hold

UFOs - Too Hot To Hold

This week’s post will probably be a little bit shorter than normal as it’s a record that there isn’t too much information about. In this case though, it’ll be simply about letting the song do the talking and this tune doesn’t just talk it shouts at the top of it’s voice!!

My first introduction to this track came across a highly regarded compilation put together by one of our favourite djs here on Gazfunk (and a thoroughly nice chap to boot!) – the one and only Mr Keb Darge. This song featured on his “Legendary Deep Funk Vol 1” comp released in 1997 and it became one of those records that I just had to get a copy of.

Fast forward some time when my record collecting levels were going through the roof and I finally managed to bag myself a copy. The tune was to prove so popular on the deep funk scene that one of our favourite labels from today, Germany’s “Tramp” records reissued a version of it a few years ago on the “Rising Tramp” label with an identical look to the original.

So what does this record bring to the party? Well it is undoubtedly a deep funk monster that kills the dancefloor. What is quite unique about it is just how raw it sounds, especially considering it is out of Philly – a lot of black music that came from the City Of Brotherly Love around this time has a slower, more produced sound – this however sounds like it could’ve been cut in New Orleans or the Bay Area. With swirling organ, saxophone, some nice guitar playing and sample ready drum breaks this is one tune to shake your rump to!! 



Bobby Shad & The Bad Men – I Want You Back

So this weekend sees Record Store Day 2013. As you know, we here at Gazfunk have been an avid supporter of RSD since it’s inception back in 2007. There will be a number of special events up & down the country and Belfast will be no different!

I will be dj’ing in one of the local record stores – Head, in the city centre on Saturday afternoon between 1 & 3pm before joining up with my buddies in the Garrick Bar later that evening for an all vinyl marathon from 6pm – late. I know that some people don’t really like Record Store Day as they think the public should support their local stores all year round – which of course they should – but if we can convert a few people over to the joys of record stores on RSD, them I’m all for it! Check out the groovy flyer below:

Record Store Day 2013

One other aspect of RSD is that it affords me the opportunity to dig into the crates and pull out some of my hidden gems that never/rarely get played during my sets at mod or funk clubs (especially those cuts which are tucked away on LPs). As you know, we only normally focus on the 45s on Gazfunk but today’s selection breaks with that tradition (don’t worry it’s only a one-off!)

Bobby Shad was a record producer who became known for his work with jazz legends like Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington & Dizzy Gillespie. As well as working with the aforementioned jazz greats, Shad also produced the debut album by the one & only, Janis Joplin. Sometime in the early 70s (I’m not sure exactly when) he cut an LP of his own which featured a 65 piece rock orchestra. This LP featured covers of Instant Karma, Pinball Wizard, Whole Lotta Love and today’s selection – a fantastic version of The Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”

All it remains for me to say is enjoy the track and if you can’t make it to Belfast to join us on Saturday, please try to get out on RSD to support your local record store – you never know, you might enjoy it!