Bobby Jones – I Got A Habit (Of Lovin’ You)

Bobby Jones - I Got A Habit

Something a bit short and sweet for you this week (both in track length and accompanying text). Bobby Jones was an r&b singer born in 1936 in Louisiana who relocated to Chicago in 1959. As well as recording under Bobby Jones he also cut records using Bobby Jonz and was part of the Bobby Jones Trio & Pauline & Bobby. All told he recorded around 10 singles under his “proper” name of which this is one.

Some of his other 45s are a little bit too “Northern” for my liking (yeah I know he would’ve had no concept of such a tag, especially as it wasn’t even really a term until the 70s). What I feature for you today is an uptempo soul record with r&b overtones. There’s some pretty raw vocals there and I’d say would be perfect for a mod/r&b club (though maybe a little too fast for the r&b heads!) Enjoy, and I’ll be back next week with another quality cut from my collection.

Marva Hodge – Think About The Good Times

In recent times I’ve found myself gravitating towards a more soulful sound as opposed to the heavy funk I had been listening to and bringing you here on the blog. That perhaps explains this next choice somewhat.

This selection is probably one of the rarest tracks I have in my collection – it’s not especially valuable, but it’s just something that I think I’ve only ever seen two copies of and I bought one of them!!

Marva Hodge was born in Aruba and moved to Holland at a young age where she resided in the Hague. Her real name was Linda Melcherts (presumably her name was changed to give her a more American sounding name so that people would think she was from the U.S. and she might have success amongst R&B fans). Most of her releases featured a local band called The Moody Sect (sometimes spelt “Sec”) who provided a late sixties psychedelic sound with hammond organ to match her wailing vocals.

This particular track however, was the b-side to her 4th release “You’re The One For Me”. When I listen to this song I instantly picture Tina Turner jumping around on stage shaking her ass and belting this out as the vocals and tempo are so similar.

Hope you dig it as much as I do!

Alice Clark – You Got A Deal

I thought I’d bring y’all a nice piece of rare sister funk this week – so here it is.

Unfortunately it’s by another one of those artists I know very little about!! To my knowledge she only released 2 singles (of which this is 1) and cut 1 album. That’s pretty much all the info I have. If you can source an original copy of the LP it goes for quite a bit of money (beware of the reissue though).

The song itself was released in ’68 and sounds like a more uptempo & funky version of something Aretha Franklin would’ve made. The intro to the song gives you a good indication of what you’re in for when the song kicks in and it certainly does not fail to live up to its promise!

Sweet, sweet sistah funk!

The Chambers Brothers – All Strung Out Over You

Hello there! Apologies for missing out on updating the blog last week  -it’s been a bit of a hectic week or so, though normal service has now been resumed, thankfully!

This week’s choice may sound familiar to some of you – that’s because it was sampled by Fatboy Slim on his massive hit “Weapon Of Choice” (as well as Sly Stone’s “Into My Own Thing” in case you’re interested)

Anyway, back to the song. The Chambers Brothers originally started out (like many of the great black soul acts) as members of a local gospel choir in the early fifties. However, it wasn’t until the mid sixties that they started to gain any sort of recognition. Their sound developed massively over the years to include elements of rock and psychedelia culminating in arguably their most famous song – “Funky” released in ’71.

This selection was released in ’66 but made no impression on the pop or r&b charts at the time and was only a minor local hit. However don’t let that put you off – this is as funky a track as you’re likely to find from anyone in ’66.