The Capitols – We Got A Thing That’s In The Groove

The Capitols - We Got A Thing That's In The Groove

Yes, I know I’m waay later than normal with my update but this running your own business lark really takes up a lot more of your time. I know you guys all wait with bated breath on that little notification telling you that I’ve published a new post, so I’ll endeavour to have it on a weekly basis as much as possible – promise!

So onto today’s selection. Whilst I mostly bring something that’s obscure (to all but the serious collectors), I think it’s worth it once in a while to return to the classics. OK, so we’re never gonna bring you Superstition or Shaft or something like that but a track that you’ve most likely heard before that hasn’t been played to death. With that in mind, I could’ve brought you the Capitols’ other “big” song – “Cool Jerk” but I’ve always preferred this and it does get played slightly less often.

There’s probably not that much point in saying a lot about this record really other than it’s one of the first soul tracks I remember diggin’ when I was really beginning my journey into all things mod around the age of 15/16. The opening few bars still get me going even today and when I played it earlier when preparing this update it brought back good memories. I hope it does the same for you!

Carolyn Champion – Track


Carolyn Champion - Track









Today’s record is something that has resided in my collection for quite some time. I don’t know why I haven’t featured it before now – I guess sometimes I’ve focused on newer discoveries or felt in the form for something a little funkier. Rest assured though, this is one hell of a tune!

I don’t remember when or where I was when I first heard this song, but after the first listen I was hooked and had to “track” down a copy (sorry!). I know one thing – I’ve never heard another dj play it. Whether it’s still a little bit under the radar or doesn’t quite have the sound that a lot of djs favour at the moment, I’m not quite sure.

So what of the song itself? Well, it was released in 1974 on the Soul-Po-Tion label and has quite an unusual sound for it’s time. The drums are very central to the sound but it’s certainly not a funk record, there’s also quite a beautiful piano sound with nice horns running through it and quite clearly sounds like it was a backing arrangement for a vocal soul song, which is exactly what it was. The a-side is called “I Feel It Comin” and has fantastic vocals but for some reason, I don’t think it works as well as the instrumental version. Perhaps if you ever get a chance to listen, you can judge for yourself. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll catch up with you all next week. Peace!

Zodiacs – Don't Change On Me

Zodiacs - Don't Change On Me

Before I talk about this week’s selection I want to give you a little bit of info regarding a few things I’m working on. I’ll have a couple of gigs coming up over the next month or so and when the posters/flyers are finalised I’ll be sure to advertise them here. I’m also trying to piece together some dates for an upcoming tour of the U.S. in September – if you know of any nights/venues in San Francisco, San Diego or New York please drop me a line. I’ve one or two other things that I’m working on and it will be very exciting if they come off – but I can’t reveal any details until it’s all agreed, so watch this space!

Anyway, on to today’s selection and there isn’t much to say about this record other than the fact it is a monster funk tune!! This one is highly sought after by the funk djs and has had a reissue on the Tramp label recently due to the high price for an original and the fact that it rarely comes up for sale. This is probably one of my most valuable records and something that I luckily managed to buy for substantially under the normal selling price (lucky me!!)

Unusually for me (and probably most records), the “Hey Rough Nut” A-side is the instrumental track and it’s the b-side (with singing!!) that is the one I much prefer. Also rather strangely, this has become quite popular on the Northern Soul scene – I guess it’s one of those funk records that crosses over to both scenes. This may be part of the reason for the high value – thosegoddamsoulboys!!

The Classitors – Gettin' T'Gether, Man

The Classitors - Gettin' T'Gether, Man

Every now and then you manage to find a copy of a track that has been on the wants list for quite a while and it fills you with a sense of satisfaction. Today’s record is one such example. What makes this purchase even more welcome is paying substantially under the going rate and realising that not only have you ticked off a long-term want, but you’ve also landed yourself a bargain in the process (I’m  sure this is something that the record buyers among you fully understand!!)

I’ve seen that this song has featured on the Northern Soul scene over the years which seems a little bit of a surprise to me as I consider it a bona fide funk record (just listen to the break about 1 minute in for confirmation!!)Maybe that may explain why it’s become “in demand” and fairly valuable over the years… I don’t happen to know much about The Classitors (or indeed Tyrone who is credited on the flip) but I do know this record was released in 1970 from a pretty small record label out of New Jersey.

I’d advised cranking this one up and preparing to engage in some serious hip-drops!