The Crowns – Jerking The Dog

The Crowns - Jerking The Dog

After a few weeks away I’m finally able to return to my traditional designated Monday slot for my updates. I find there’s no better time to bring you a tasty piece of ear-candy than at the end of the first working day after the weekend.

So today’s selection is one where we’re veering into obscure territory -I’m sure you’ve probably heard a number of different versions of this track, but this one has to be one of the lesser known ones. Cut in 1968, you’ll notice that this was released on the Pama label – the U.K. based answer to Trojan and that other well-known reggae label, Island.

Pama will probably be familiar to you with the release of arguably the most sampled record ever – The Mohawks’ “Champ” (a track that we’ve previously featured the b-side of here on Gazfunk), not to mention the smash hit “Wet Dream” by Max Romeo. As for The Crowns – well that’s where I’m a little bit stuck. I believe they were a vocal group out of New York but that’s about all I really know about them, so if anyone can fill in the blanks…

Before I go, a little bit of info regarding the next event that I will be dj’ing at – Record Store Day 2014. Some of you may remember that last year I dj’d in-store at Head Records, well they’ve asked me back again to spin the discs at their new store in Castle Court in Belfast on Saturday 19th April, so if you are in town drop by and say hello. I’ll be joined by some of Belfast’s top vinyl collectors so there should be something to suit all tastes, as well as a plethora of  limited edition vinyl releases and some special offers. See you there! 

The Mohawks – Baby Hold On

This week we’re gonna take you on another little trip down Hammond Street. The Mohawks should be well-known to you all by this stage given that they are one of THE most sampled artists ever, largely due to “The Champ” (the flip side of this record incidentally).

The Mohawks were fronted by the legendary British hammond organ player, Alan Hawkshaw. Hawkshaw was responsible for many theme tunes in the UK including The Dave Allen Show, Grange Hill and Countdown (currently featuring the lovely Rachel Riley). As The Mohawks, he recorded a number of singles and albums featuring many session musicians including Keith Mansfield & Brian Bennett (of The Shadows fame)

This particular selection, recorded in ’68, opens with crashing drums before Hawkshaw’s trademark funky hammond sound  kicks in and a “borrowed” horn section from Etta James’ “Tell Mama” as well as proper 60’s go-go dancer sounding backing vocals.