Mighty Mo & The Winchester Seven – The Next Message

Mighty Mo & The Winchester Seven - The Next Message

So last week we brought you the original record that was sampled by one of hiphop’s classic tracks – Ice T’s “Lethal Weapon”. Well this week we’re actually doing the reverse. Today’s selection (as you may have guessed from the title) is a modern instrumental take on another of hiphop’s most legendary tunes – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s mighty “The Message”

I’m sure any of you that are old enough to remember (or indeed are just old-skool hip-hop aficionados like myself) will appreciate the importance of Grandmaster Flash’s original in the history & influence on so many rap records that followed. When covering such a revered track it is important that the cover stays pretty true to the original and doesn’t destroy it (much like Duran Duran’s ill-advised cover of “White Lines” some years back)

There’s no such worry with this take however as in my opinion they have absolutely nailed it. This was originally released on the Peace Street label back in 2008 in limited quantities (I think there were maybe only 500 or so pressings), but soon after it was reissued on Kenny Dope & Keb Darge’s Kay-Dee records which ultimately led to the original becoming something of a collector’s piece. I’ve played this in some of my sets over the years and it’s always got a good reaction on the dance floor and I hope it gets as good a reaction when you listen to it through your computer!

The Sound Stylistics – Party People

Happy New Year to y’all! Hope you all had a great festive period – I know I did. So I’m back well rested and ready to bring you some more delightfully funky ear candy to kick off the New Year.

First up we have this dancefloor bomb. All of my posts so far have featured great tracks from funk’s heyday – what about some funk from today I hear you ask. Well this song goes to show that today’s funkateers can groove with the best of them. Alongside a number of other recent bands including The Soul Snatchers, The Bamboos, Lefties Soul Connection and The New Mastersounds, The Sound Stylistics are helping to spearhead a new generation of funk bands keeping the true funk spirit alive and well.

These guys have been playing together for almost 10 years now, but their first official release wasn’t until 2007. The band’s members reads like a who’s-who of the English Acid Jazz/Rare Groove scene featuring members of The James Taylor Quartet, The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, The New Mastersounds, Incognito and The Herbaliser.

This track was a limited release back in 2007 and was picked up by a lot of the UK’s top funk dj’s. The intro to this song is absolutely top notch and would appeal to b-boy’s & breakers. It’s heavy instrumental funk sound harks back to the days of The Meters, The JB’s and particularly The Ebony Rhythm Band.

Dig it!