Gene West – In The Ghetto

Gene West - In The Ghetto

I’m sure (like me initially) you’ve never heard of the artist I bring you in this week’s update. Upon further investigation into just who Gene West is/was it became apparent that he was a heavyweight (literally) in the soul world – step forward the Love Walrus himself, Mr Barry White.

Now when you listen to the song it becomes obvious due to the deep tone of the singer’s voice. I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of Mr White – in fact he represents a particular brand of “soul” music that I particularly dislike. So why then you are asking, have I decided to bring you one of his tracks on the blog. Well you see, this is unlike any of the other cheesy lurrvvve songs that he’s renowned for.

This song was originally written by Mac Davis and become well-known for the huge hit that Elvis Presley had in 1969 – the single that gave “The King” a major comeback hit. I have to admit to not being a fan of Elvis either – but that’s another story. This track has been covered many times over the years by people like Bobbie Gentry, Sammy Davis Jr & Dolly Parton but this version is far and away my favourite. Any of you who listened to my “Straight From The Playbox” mix will recognize this as the opening track, for any of you who missed it you can listen again here