7-Eleven – Dance The Slurp

Dance The Slurp

I have quite a number of records in my collection that have been recorded to advertise specific products/brands (you may recall some time ago I featured The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra’s “It’s The Real Thing” which was used by the Coca-Cola Corporation).  These range from one-sided promos for Finnish jeans, to EPs advertising obscure tobacco brands.

This particular record is one of my favourites and the product in question is no doubt very familiar with our American cousins – the slurpee. Recorded in 1970, this song was a free giveaway by the 7-Eleven stores and whilst most were probably used as coasters/frisbees, some of them made their way into the collections of funk djs.

It was to be DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist who gave the track a new lease of life when it featured on their legendary “Brainfreeze” mix/compilation in 1999 and catapulted it into the box entitled “must have” for funk collectors. There’s not much more needs to be said about this record, so crank up those speakers and dance the slurp, y’all! 

Lefties Soul Connection – Doin' The Thing

I figured it was about time that I delved into my collection to bring you something (reasonably) new.

Lefties Soul Connection started out in Amsterdam in 2001 and released this – their debut single in 2002. Three more singles were released before the long-awaited LP finally hit the shops in 2006.

The follow-up to this was their 2007 album “Skimming The Skum” which rather surprisingly only yielded 1 single – the fantastic “Fais Do Do”. However, they continued to release singles including a cover of the classic “Organ Donor” by Dj Shadow as well as Clarence Carter’s “Backdoor Santa” and the now tiresome “Here Come The Girls”

Their sound is very heavily influenced by the likes of The Meters, JB’s & Booker T & The MG’s. Unsurprisingly then, the songs are very hammond driven with crashing drums and the obligatory wah-wah guitar. Oh, and I’m led to believe they put on a great live show too (not that I’ve had the pleasure to see them myself – yet!)