Stevie Wonder – I’m Wondering

Stevie Wonder - I'm Wondering

Hello good folk of the interweb! I haven’t forgotten about you all (you wish), I’ve just had a lot of stuff to deal with over the last few weeks but I’m definitely not leaving you for good so no need to worry.

I last featured today’s artist a couple of years ago and any regular readers of the blog will know that Stevie Wonder is my numero uno musical hero. What put Stevie in my head for this week’s update was the reminder that I caught him live at Hyde Park 2 years ago today, so in tribute to the great man I thought he would be a welcome return to my blog updates.

There’s been many things written about Stevie Wonder over the years (some of them by me) so I’m not going to repeat anything about his history, childhood, Motown etc as I’m sure you’ve read most of that stuff before, and let’s be honest, if that’s all news to you, you’ve probably arrived on the wrong website!!

All I will say is that the record I’ve selected today is probably a little bit underplayed given that it was a 45 release during one of Stevie’s most successful/prolific periods and reached number 22 in the UK charts. Released in 1967, this was paired with the also excellent “Every Time I See You I Go Wild” which seemed to be the better known of the 2 tracks – I think this always goes to show why you should flip over those 45s as there’s often great (and at times better) tunes on the other side. I hope you’ll dig this fantastic slice of Stevie history.

Just to note, I’m working on a few other things at the minute including interviews etc, so keep checking in as there will be some very interesting features over the next few weeks/months.