The Soulful Strings – Burning Spear

The Soulful Strings - Burning Spear

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m finally back! I know this is my first post in some weeks so apologies to those of you who were eagerly awaiting my updates but found none forthcoming. Annoyingly, my domain registration expired and the straightforward (or so you’d think) process of renewal proved to be anything but. Better late than never, eh?

Today’s update comes courtesy of Cadet’s house band who featured Phil Upchurch and Charles Stepney among it’s members. Other musicians who played with the band included Donny Hathaway and Dorothy Ashby. The song I’ve picked for you has had a number of different versions recorded over the years including releases by Kenny Burrell, S.O.U.L. and a minor chart hit for a late 90s UK “dance” act called eta. There’s a real groove going on with this one especially with especially with that flute! If you haven’t heard any of the other versions I mentioned above, they are all definitely worth checking out!

Until next time – stay funky!!



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