Big John Hamilton – Big Bad John

Big John Hamilton - Big Bad John

I’m back! I hadn’t gone away for good, just needed a break to sort a few things but hopefully things are in order and I can get back to my regular weekly updates.

What I’ve got for you today will probably be recognized by the hip-hop heads among you. This one comes courtesy of Big John Hamilton (I’m just realising that my last post was by an artist with “Big” at the start of his name, but it wasn’t intentional – honest!). Big John was a southern soul singer who released 10 or so singles (most of which were issued on the Minaret label) including this one, in 1967.

The drum break at the beginning was used by Big Daddy Kane (the “big” theme continuing on somewhat) on his 1989 classic “Warm It Up Kane”, a track that is very much a favourite of ours at Gazfunk HQ – BDK is also one of our favourite rappers. The song has some blues running through it, a touch of r&b and a little bit of a Southern Soul a la Stax vibe going on. I’m sure you’ll dig it like I do…

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