Eldridge Holmes – Pop, Popcorn Children

Eldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn Children

I had intended to bring you an update last week but unfortunately I got waylaid with… stuff. Given then that Mardi Gras took place last week I figured it was only right to mark the occasion (even though I’m a week late) with a banger from the Crescent City.

Many moons ago I featured today’s artist Eldridge Holmes with his fantastic “Humpback” and so today I’ve delved back into his back catalogue for a track that surely must rank as one of the funkiest 45s to come out of the Big Easy. “Pop, Popcorn Children” has been pretty well-known for funk heads for quite a while but it seems to have had something of a revival in the last number of years among some of my record collecting friends/djs. To be honest, it’s such a great tune that it’ll probably be a long time (never!) before I finally get tired of it.

If any of you reading this were lucky enough to be attending Mardi Gras I hope you had a great time. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to join you. But for now I hope y’all enjoy this fantastic piece of NOLA funk!

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