The Philly Four – The Elephant

The Philly Four - The Elephant

We’re back and less than a week after our last update, how’s that for service? (it’ll never last!!). So, I’ve delved deep into the crates for today’s selection and pulled out an absolute banger for you to enjoy! This is one of those “why haven’t I heard this before?” tunes that seems to have passed many people by – but alas not us here at Gazfunk!

The Philly Four were an instrumental group from, of all places, Philadelphia (surprise, surprise) who only cut the one 45 in 1968 on the Cobblestone label. This groover features part 1 on the a-side and part 2 on the “b” (see, I told you they weren’t prolific!!) What you get is a lovely mid-tempo organ and horn driven track which has elephant sounds interspersed. In my opinion this is a perfect song to play at the mid point of a funk night before things start picking up tempo.

Somewhat surprisingly, you can pick up the 45 in pretty decent condition for buttons. So there you have it, a lovely little under the radar cheap as chips funky groover, what more could you ask for??

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