Al Green – You Say It

Al Green - You Say It

If you’re a fan of soul music, heck, even if you ain’t but you’re a music fan in general, you gotta dig Al Green. We here at Gazfunk are big fans, in fact he might even be our favourite soul singer ever. I mean, how could you listen to “Let’s Stay Together” or “Tired Of Being Alone” and not get caught up in the emotion that the Rev’s voice provides? So after 7 years of the blog, we have finally decided to pay tribute..

Now of course, we could have brought you either of the 2 aforementioned classics but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard those songs many, many times over and they have been featured on plenty of other blogs. Given that you know Gazfunk is all about the lesser known/underplayed 45s, I though I’d bring you this little treat instead.

Recorded in 1970 “You Say It” is probably Al at his funkiest. There’s swirling organ in there, some wah-wah and plenty of other groovy sounds all washed down with that fantastic voice of his. This one goes to show that the Rev can be damn funky as well as romantic! We hope you enjoy this piece of wax and see Al Green in a slightly different light. Get down!

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