Artie Christopher – Stoned Soul

Artie Christopher - Stoned Soul

Forgive me followers, for I have sinned. It has been 3 weeks since my last post. This is my update.. As I’ve spoken about in the past, life has got much, much busier for me over the last 6+ months and so I simply don’t have the time to provide content as often as I’d like. I’ve set a bit of time specifically to ensure that I can at least bring you this post and not let things drag on for a month between updates. Here’s hoping things settle down a bit and these posts become more frequent…

The piece of wax I’ve chosen for you today is by a guy called Artie Christopher. It seems that his brother Johnnie is the more well-known of the two siblings (I’m guessing in part due to the fact that he wrote Elvis’ “Always On My Mind”). As for Artie, it appears that he only cut two 45s – this one (which is actually the b-side of a track called “Hello L.A., Bye, Bye Birmingham”) and another more “soul” effort entitled “My Baby’s Crying”, both of which were released on Atlantic in 1968.

So there you have it, a rare update from me featuring a pretty rare artist. Hopefully the records remain rare but the posts less so. Enjoy! Stoned Soul

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