Funk Machine – Soul Santa

Funk Machine - Soul Santa

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, it is of course that time of the year that I delve into my sack of funky goodies and treat you to a little piece of funky festive inspired wax. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the “big” Christmas tunes by the likes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Clarence Carter so as is our style here at Gazfunk we’ve gone for something a little less well-known.

With that in mind I’ve gone for a nice piece of deep funk from 1973 on the Creative Funk label. There’s quite a few funky Christmas themed tracks out there but in my opinion, this arguably tops the lot. Some great horn work, funky guitar, organ and bongos make this one a killer. As far as I’m aware this is the only 45 put out by the group (unless some of you guys know otherwise) and so is relatively rare.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and have a funky and peaceful Christmas!


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