Candi Staton – Never In Public

Candi Staton - Never In Public

Today I’m returning to an artist that I first featured on Gazfunk a couple of years ago, Candi Staton. The record I featured back then was “I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart…” and was released on the Fame label down there in Muscle Shoals.

Today’s selection is on a similar vibe and in fact was cut around the same time as “I’d Rather Be..” (perhaps even the same session). There’s obviously great production on this (as you would expect) and the trademark fantastic vocal style which I’ve come to appreciate. In fact, when I was younger and before I started to delve into the world of funk and soul music, my only exposure to the work of Candi Staton was via “Young Hearts Run Free” a song that I’ve never liked and to this day still don’t (in fact I’m still not really a fan of “disco” music at all).

As my record digging progressed I found myself listening to thousands upon thousands of songs that were (to me at least) “new”. There were many ways I consumed this music, some via radio (both online and by old fashioned means), going to more clubs and by listening to as many soundclips on the web as was humanly possible! As a result of this dedication to find new tracks that I hadn’t heard before, it led me to hear songs by artists who I had previously discounted – let’s call it the naivety of youth! Once such artist was Candi Staton and since then I’ve had a newfound respect for her, especially when listening back on her output during the Fame sessions.

Anyway I think this goes to show that preconceptions about an artist can certainly be wrong and with most artists, if you give them a second chance you might just find something that you really dig (apart from One Direction of course!!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll catch up with you all next week.

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