Gun Morgan – Hot Jungle

Gun Morgan - Hot Jungle

We’ve got something VERY different for you in the shape of this week’s selection and I hope you dig it. It’s still funky and kinda disco-y at the same time and has that afrobeat vibe about it too. The intro doesn’t really give you too much of an indicator of what is coming next, so stick with it as there’s some killer horns, drums, organ and wah-wah!

This 45 is by a rather obscure artist, who as far as I can tell, only released 2 45s and disappeared into obscurity. Released in 1974 under the name “Gun Morgan” this was by a guy whose real name was Jean Pierre Comoe. Therein ends anything I know about this record. Although pretty unknown to a lot of people, there are multiple copies knocking around and one in decent condition can be picked up pretty cheaply if you so desire.

For now that’s pretty much all I have for you, so until next time, have a good day!

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