Foxy – Trouble

Foxy - Trouble

With our recent weather being so similar to last week (we are in Winter here I suppose), I could’ve brought you a track on a similar vein (or should that be “rain”) to “The Wash”. However, since the sun has come out today I’ve decided to dispense with any water/rain related songs.

What I have for you today then is a track that has resided in my collection for quite some time. I suppose with my record buying being curtailed somewhat in the last 6 months all of my records will soon have been in my possession for quite some time. Hopefully the next few months will see that situation change and I’ll be able to add to my collection, but I digress. For now, back to the matter at hand.

Foxy were an all-girl group operating out of Los Angeles. They cut 2 singles (both on the Double Shot label) – this one (in 1971) and another 45 in ’69 entitled “Call Me Later” – a slower ballady type track. Of course you know that we here aren’t so found of those low & slow soul tracks and we prefer our soul with a little bit more umph about it so that’s why I’ve selected “Trouble” as today’s piece of ear candy. As you might expect, this record has that typical sister funk sound that I (and hope you, dear listeners) have come to enjoy. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with another funky tune next week.

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