The Presidents – Peter Rabbit

The Presidents - Peter Rabbit

It had been a busy weekend for me what with dj’ing on the Belfast Barge on Sunday evening and various other bits and pieces to do with my coffee shop so today sees me a little more tired than normal and in need of a little inspiration! That inspiration arrived after I had posted a track a couple of days ago on a Facebook group that I am on that was pretty well received by the members there. The track in question was called “The Shoe Shine” and released by today’s featured artist, The Presidents.

There’s a little bit of info out there in cyberspace about the group but I’m not convinced that it’s all true, so rather than just copy something I’ve read on the internet (never do that kids, that’s a life lesson to be learned!) I’ll just continue on in my ignorance about the group (unless any of you dear readers would like to fill in the blank spaces)

We’ve got a nice little funky groove going on in this one – slower in tempo and without any words at all “Peter Rabbit” seems to be one of those records that has been forgotten about. Certainly I don’t recall anyone playing it out, or indeed posting it on any of the Facebook music groups that I would follow. I’m sure you will all enjoy it and if you get the chance to check out “Shoe Shine” I’d highly recommend it too as it is an uptempo banger!!

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