Black Heat – The Jungle

Black Heat - The Jungle

The Jungle by Black Heat is one of those 45s that often gets overlooked in my collection, rather unfairly. There’s definitely a nice groove going on in this one and it has a kind of tempo that could still work earlier on in a club. Unfortunately when I dj these days it tends to be with tracks that are quicker and with heavier drums so there are plenty of great funky 7″ records that get passed by in the sifting process that are great tracks in their own right. This is one such example of that…

Black Heat were a funk group out of NYC who recorded 3 albums from ’72-’75 and then disappeared into obscurity. However in spite of not being too well-known, they did manage to have a “hit” on the Billboard Black Singles chart with a song called “No Time To Burn” but that was to prove to be their only success single wise. However some years later crate diggers who were searching for samples for hip-hop records came upon the band and their long forgotten music was given a new lease of life on tracks by Schooly D, Wu-Tang Clan and The Notorious B.I.G.

Let’s hope today’s feature might lead some of you on to more of the group’s music as there is still plenty left to get your groove on to!

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