Z.Z. Hill – Think People

Z.Z. Hill was born in Naples, Texas in 1935 and began his music career in the late 50s as a gospel singer in a group called The Spiritual Five who recorded a number of singles on the Nashboro label. In 1963, Hill decided to fly solo and released his first single “Five Will Get You Ten” on Mesa Records. Over the next 6/7 years he cut a number of other 45s (mostly on the Kent label) though found very little commercial success.

The record I have chosen to feature for you today was released in 1971 and showed something of a shift in sound for Hill away from the slower soulful sound to a faster socially aware funk banger. Most of his output after this followed on with the slower love song vibe but, if you’re looking something a little funkier and uptempo, check out his “I Think I’d Do It” from around the same time – if you dig “Think People” you’ll certainly enjoy it too.

Sadly Hill was to die in 1984 as a result of health issues arising out of a car crash that he was involved in a few months earlier. He was 48. I hope you enjoy this funky nugget and the rest of your week and I hope to catch up with y’all for another update over the weekend. Till then, peace my brothers and sisters.

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