Trade Martin – Sixteen Tons


Trade Martin - Sixteen Tons

Today’s selection is a record that has been in my collection for quite a while but has very infrequently been aired during my dj sets. Those of you who regularly feature the blog and my dj adventures will know that many of my recent dj gigs have featured around more funk sounds – certainly the last 5 years or so. This track is one that is more suited to a soul club or indeed a “mod” event hence it’s rare appearances in public.

Trade Martin has been an extremely busy man since he broke into the music business in the late 1950s. He was responsible for launching the Rome Records label and played all the instruments on the vast majority of the label’s output. His own solo career started way back in 1955 with the release of “My Song Of Love” but it wasn’t until 1962 that his solo career took on a more prolific nature. From then until 1969 he released 9 singles including a great cover of “Work Song” in 1966 which also features in my collection.

As well as his solo career, Martin worked as a producer for 30 years and recorded a number of film scores. Oh, and he also won a Grammy award for B.B. King’s “Peace To The World”. Quite a musical legacy then! The song I feature for you today is his take on the classic Tennessee Ernie Ford track “Sixteen Tons”. Whilst there have been a number of versions over the years, this is my own personal favourite with some great arrangement. I hope you agree!!

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