Jesse James – Don’t Nobody Want To Get Married

Jesse James - Don't Nobody Want To Get Married

So, seeing as last week’s update was a very uptempo piece of instrumental funk I thought I’d take things down a little with today’s selection. What we’ve got here is a mid-tempo touch of funk released on the rather colorful Zea label in 1971 courtesy of Jesse James.

There were a couple of soul artists in the 6os with this same name, though this one shouldn’t be confused with the singer from Philly. Jesse James (or Jessie James as the name he originally recorded under) was part of the famous (or should that be infamous) group, The Royal Aces. Probably what put the group on the radar of the funk & soul collectors was the fact that they featured a very young guitarist named Sylvester Stewart (aka Sly Stone). Some say that this was Sly’s first ever recording though it’s believed that his first actual appearance on record was way back in 1952 as part of the Stewart Four. Nonetheless, the Royal Aces single “Cha Cha Minnie” released in 1961 has become a pretty sought after and hard to come by 45.

And so on to Jesse James. After a number of solo releases it was this track that was to become his biggest hit reaching the top 20 in the r&b charts. I don’t know whether it was the subject matter that resonated with people or just the groove and cool drum break but either way this is a nice little piece of wax that I’m sure you’ll all dig! Oh, and if you’d like a copy for yourself I’m sure you’ll be able to pick one up for a reasonable price…

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