Tony Newman – Soul Thing

Tony Newman - Soul Thing

As well as my love of funk and soul and 60s/70s “modernist” sounds I also have a big fondness for “library”/KPM music. For those of you not so familiar with those styles, they are the type of groovy instrumental pieces that you would often hear on BBC shows but probably didn’t know who was behind them.

Alan Hawkshaw is probably the most well-known of all the KPM artists and someone we featured a long time back here on Gazfunk as the Mohawks, best known for one of the most sampled songs of all-time, The Champ. UK tv addicts will undoubtedly know his music from tv shows and in particular Channel 4’s long running quiz show, Countdown.

Another hugely influential and essential part of the KPM stable was the producer, Keith Mansfield. Like Hawkshaw, Mansfield’s most well-known works were tracks that he composed for sports programmes in the UK including Grandstand and the BBC’s coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The song I have chosen today was another of Mansfield’s compositions. Originally titled “Funky Fanfare” this track also became known as Soul Thing and was recorded by a variety of artists including Paul Raven aka Gary Glitter and as “House Of Jack” when released by James Royal.

This version is slightly different to Mansfield’s original – the piano is replaced by organ and the drums are a little more prominent in the mix. To be honest though, all four versions are killer and if you don’t already own them, I’d certainly suggest buying them if the opportunity arises as well as being quality pieces of wax, any investment will certainly hold their value!



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