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It’s about time that I passed over the blog to one of my friends to guest publish and so it gives me great pleasure to introduce Brian Poust as the latest in our ever-expanding list of guest contributors. Last year we hung out together during my tour of Texas and I spun some wax alongside Brian at his 45 Friday night in San Antonio which was great fun.

Brian Poust is a San Antonio based DJ and record dealer following 20 years in Atlanta. Brian formerly hosted the Georgia Soul blog (RIP) but still researches and maintains the largest known archive of Georgia Soul recordings. His selection for us this week is one of my personal faves, so without further ado, over to you Brian…

I’d like to start with a quick thank you to Gary for inviting me to write a guest blog for him. Since I “broke” my Georgia Soul blog and left it stranded on the side of the road over a year ago, I’ve let myself slip further away from doing any public writing about music than perhaps I’d care to. As such, I’ve forgotten how much fun it can be. So, while I’m a bit out of practice, let’s see if I can warm up the old typing machine and spit out a few words without causing Gary to regret his invitation. It would have been all too easy to write about a Georgia record (and I very nearly did), but since I now live in Texas, let’s pick a record closer to my current home.

Houtson’s Neto Perez hasn’t received very much attention, very likely due to a very short career in the early 1970s. His recording career is limited to a 1970 album and a couple of singles on Little Joe Hernandez’s Buena Suerte label before a posthumously released 1973 album, “In Memory of Neto Perez” on Capri, which yielded at least one additional single, the subject of this piece.

Bobby Patterson, on the other hand, should need no introduction to any soul music fan. The Dallas native has had a long and well documented career, and his hard-hitting classic “T.C.B. or T.Y.A.” is certainly a song that one may expect to bubble to the top of anyone’s mind when thinking about his biggest hits. That in mind, you may not think that you need to hear a cover version of a song that’s damn near perfect already, but Perez and his band, The Originals, put Patterson’s song into a barely controlled hyper-drive and send it careening through your head like a cannon-shot. The powerful horn section and pounding drums are well-matched by youthful vocal-chord shredding singing from Little Ricky (Treviño). Perez, as a matter of record, also has covers of Juggy Murray’s “Oily” and Dyke & The Blazers “We Got More Soul” in his recording history, so I admit to a bit of confusion over the choice to call his band The Originals. This is not a complaint, mind you, just an observation.
It’s rare to expect a cover version of any classic song to live up to expectations, but going back to Patterson’s original after hearing the Perez version is actually kind of difficult. Outside of the basic rarity of this single (and the album for that matter), I can’t figure out why this one isn’t more well-known than it is.
Cheers to Brian for his great selection – for more info check out agent45 on Discogs, Instagram & Twitter.
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