Soul Continentals – Bowlegs

Good evening! If you are visiting us from our new webpage at then you may notice that things look a little different around here. After a few months of frustration with, I have finally moved across to my own self-hosted site which enables a lot more functionality and perhaps more importantly, the opportunity to post the sound file of each track instead of having to link to a youtube video.

If however you’re wondering what I’m talking about as things look exactly the same to you, that’s because you are viewing today’s update through the old wordpress site – At this point I would ask that you update your link to the new site and/or subscribe via the email subscription link on the front page so that you are automatically notified of any new posts if updating bookmarks etc isn’t your thing. In the meantime I will continue to provide the content across both sites for a number of weeks so that you don’t miss out if you haven’t transferred over with us. The links to the blog have been updated along the various social media platforms, so if you are visiting us from there you don’t need to do anything. Be advised though – in a few weeks the wordpress site will no longer be updated so it’s important that you make note of the new site as soon as possible – as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on our great music!

With all that in mind it’s on to today’s chosen piece of wax. This is one that I’ve had in my collection for quite a while and I have to say is one of my favourite 45s that I own. It has exactly what I look for in a funk track – great intro, uptempo, pounding drums and my old favourite – the funky organ. Whilst not being especially valuable this record isn’t something I’ve ever heard played out, or indeed referenced by anyone else, though maybe that might change after this feature!

This is one of only 2 releases that this obscure outfit put out – the other entitled “Ooh I Love You” released a year before this one in ’67. Much like this record, the funkier side is the flip, something that has become a bit of a theme here on Gazfunk. Always check the b-side folks! Anyway, I hope you dig this one as much as I do.

*EDIT For some reason the mp3 won’t work so I’ve had to include the youtube clip – I hope to fix this issue by the next update


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