The Party Brothers – Do The Ground Hog

Howdy! Hope you are all feeling good this midweek. Before I bring you today’s carefully chosen selection I just want to tip you off that things will start to look a bit different around here in the coming weeks. I’ve decided to move away from the platform and have my own site at – however things aren’t set up yet so hold fire on visiting the new site until I’ve confirmed that it’s live. There will be a lot more content on the new site and a different layout and fresh design – don’t worry though, I’ll still be bringing you the finest soul and funk ever committed to wax every single week!

I’m also working with some more friends to bring you more guest contributors – a feature that I hope will become more frequent than in previous times. So stay tuned for what will be an exciting future! As for now though it’s back to this week’s featured song..

The track I bring you today was released in 1968 on the “Revue” label and comes courtesy of an obscure outfit called “The Party Brothers”. There’s not a lot that I know about the group other than the fact that they backed Jamo Thomas on a number of releases and cut 2 records on their own right – this one and a track entitled “Let Me Be The One” which I also have, but purchased for the b-side “A&T’s Party”. This particular release always puts me in mind of Billy Preston’s monster mod tune “Billy’s Bag” with a very similar tempo, not to mention those bongos. There’s not much higher recommendation than that…

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