Alphonse Mouzon – Funky Snakefoot

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays (maybe you still are) and have suitably recovered from any over indulgence.

As has been the trend this year, the last few days has seen the passing of a number of well known figures in the music and entertainment world. One that may have passed under the radar however, is the subject of today’s update – Alphonse Mouzon.

Alphonse was a highly respected stick man who performed alongside such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and Chubby Checker among others.

As well as featuring alongside the aforementioned artists, he also released a number of albums on the iconic Blue Note label including 1974’s Funky Snakefoot from which todays 45 was taken. The hip-hop fans among you may recognise the sample used in a number of Beastie Boys tracks and more obscurely by the British rapper MC Duke.

Condolences to the friends & family of one of the funky drummers.

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