Sunday Social – Soul Break


The record that I feature for you today is a track that you can listen to on my GazfunkBlog Youtube channel (the only resource to hear it on the net). Since it’s such a great record and I know that some of you don’t really bother with youtube that much (now that I have to post youtube links due to wordpress’ ridiculous changes), I thought I may as well give my own channel a little bit of promo!

This one exists in the library marked extremely rare and took me a rather long time to track down. I actually took this with me during my recent U.S. Tour but it didn’t get an airing as I thought it just too heavy and fast for the dancefloor (imagine that!!). If you like your funk with heavy organ and driving guitar played at 100mph, then this is the record for you. Just don’t break anything while trying to dance in time to it!!!


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