Mickey & The Soul Generation – Iron Leg

So I’ve finally managed to pull together an itinerary for my U.S. Tour next week. As I mentioned during my last post a week ago, thinks kick off on Saturday 24th September at Funky Sole in L.A. The rest of my gigs will be in Texas with the possibility of another guest spot and a potential gig in Mexico City. I will of course update the Facebook page if any further slots are added. For info, I’ve attached a copy of my tour poster below:


So with the tour details done and dusted it’s on to today’s musical selection. I’ve chosen this particular track because it’s comes from a group who were considered one of Texas’ most legendary funks bands – Mickey & The Soul Generation.

The band formed in San Antonio and were active from 1969 until their official split in 1977. In spite of such a short career that only spanned 4 singles, the group’s output found favour with many funk collectors and this culminated in the 2004 release of Iron Leg – a compilation put together by one of their biggest fans, DJ Shadow.mickey-the-soul-generation-iron-leg


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