Jackie Harris & The Exciters – Do It, Do It

Jackie Harris - Do It, Do It

Last week’s selection was something of a classic in the world of funk so this week I’m returning to something a little more obscure (but no less funky!) Jackie Harris & The Exciters were an outfit that (to my knowledge) only put out this one single. Strangely it was released on both the Black & Proud & Detroit’s Westbound label at almost the same time (1969).

When I first heard this I was hooked straight away – the heavy organ, pounding drums and choppy guitar mixed with the screams to “Do It, To It” come together to create a veritable pounding to the ears. The flipside of this record is called “Get Funky, Sweet A Little Bit” which is very similar to the A and for a while before I got a copy of the record I was actually confused as to which track was which.

Rather surprisingly, on the (very) rare occasions that this track surfaces it doesn’t actually sell for anywhere near as much money as I think it should given both it’s rarity and it’s quality. But as you know I gave up on trying to figure out why certain songs are more valuable than others a long time ago…

If you happen to be in Belfast over the coming days (I know, what’s the chances, huh?) I’ll be dj’ing tomorrow night in Voodoo right in the city centre for my buddy Pete who is on holiday. This will be my last week covering as he returns later this week so come on down and get your groove on with us – things kick-off at 9pm and it’s FREE IN! 

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