The Fans – Roly, Poly Mickey Lolich

The Fans - Roly Poly Mickey Lolich

Unlike last week’s featured tune I can’t remember when/where I first heard today’s choice but I do know that it was some time ago. The reason I’m only bringing it to you today is that I only just last week managed to source a copy after more than a decade of trying so I’m pretty happy to score this one off my wishlist!

So what is this rather weird song and who indeed is “Mickey Lolich”?. Well as it turns out Mickey Lolich was a baseball player of some renown who had a career spanning 17 years with the majority of that time spent playing for the Detroit Tigers. As was a lot more common than you might imagine back in the 60s/70s there were a number of “novelty” records cut by various “groups” celebrating the sporting prowess of either their favourite player or team (and even on some occasions their favourite sports commentator!)

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about who “The Fans” actually were. So if you have any info on that score please drop me a line…. Anyway, this is one of those tunes that has a very heavy break and I’m rather surprised that no-one out there has sampled it (unless someone has that I’m not aware of). Enjoy! 

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