J.C. Davis – Coconut Brown

J.C. Davis - Coconut Brown

There’s not a lot to say about this week’s record choice as it’s one of those obscure ones yet again so this post will be pretty short & sweet!

J.C. Davis was a Saxophone player out of Ohio who released (I believe) 8 singles from 1959 until the early 70s. A couple of those singles were issued by Chess Records around the time when Davis played with James Brown. This cut was released towards the end of his career and is certainly much heavier (and funkier) than his early output.

In recent times this record has been one that collectors have started to take an interest in and thus has pushed the value up from what I was able to buy it for. If you’re on the search for one, you’ll probably have to pay £60 – £100 for one – not mega expensive by any means, but probably out of the reach of the more casual digger. Enjoy!


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