Poets Of Rhythm – The Plan

Poets Of Rhythm - The Plan

I’m a little bit later with my update this week as I’ve had some problems with my internet connection over the last few days and it’s only came back online this morning so apologies for the delay (I know you all excitedly await my update every Monday/Tuesday!!).

With the EU Referendum taking place today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tie it in nicely with today’s chosen piece of wax. Don’t worry – I’m not going to use this as a platform to convince you of the merits of leaving/staying – that’s not my style, rather to introduce to you a fantastic piece of funk by way of our German cousins – The Poets Of Rhythm.

This particular selection dates back to 1993 and has be issued on 45 for the very first time courtesy of the guys over at Mukatsuku. These are selling like hot cakes since the release a few weeks ago so if you dig what you hear, you would be well advised to head on over to Juno to pick up a copy before they all go. As an added bonus you also get the Wallace Brothers funk classic “What Cha Feel Is What Cha Get” – a track made popular by Mr Keb Darge that now sells for £500+ on original issue (if you were ever lucky enough to find a copy of course!)

I hope you dig the tune and don’t forget – if you are around the York area this weekend I will be dj’ing alongside the Dead Funk boys at the Apollo Festival Aftershow Party. I hope to see some of you there for what promises to be a great night.


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