The Seven Souls – Groove In

The Seven Souls - Groove In

With having a little bit of a break for a few weeks it’s very easy to fall out of the way of writing blog posts and the motivation to commit to writing something “interesting” every week can waiver somewhat. So bear in mind that it might take me a few weeks for me to get back into my stride again – but as they say, it’s all about the groove!

With that in mind, today’s selection couldn’t be more literal (I didn’t plan that – promise!!). The Seven Souls formed in the mid sixties in L.A. and were a multi-racial group who released 3 singles before disbanding in 1969. None of the records really gained much attention and they are still only really known by a few hardcore funk collectors.

In spite of their lack of commercial success The Seven Souls are notable for 2 reasons. Firstly, the performed at a talent contest that also featured Sly & The Family Stone (who won the competition) – I’m not sure where it was, but there used to be fantastic footage on youtube of Sly playing the Ohio State Fair which they won. Secondly, the band featured one Bob Welch, who was to later find huge fame as part of Fleetwood Mac.

This record has (as you would expect) a classic funk groove with the singer naming various towns & cities in the U.S. that are having a “Groove-In” – they aren’t going to win any awards for songwriting however it is quite cool how they manage to rhyme the names of many of these places “New Orleans, Sweet Port Louisiana, Moville, Montgomery, Birmingham Alabama!” Enjoy! 



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