Preston Love – Funky Chicken

Preston Love - Funky Chicken

Hello all, I’m glad to be back and able to bring you a fantastic piece of funk after almost 3 weeks of a break. As some of you may know, I had an operation on my knee some weeks ago and it was a pretty complicated (and painful!) procedure. I’m not quite back on my feet yet but I’m certainly on the road to recovery and of sound enough mind to bring you an update.

Today’s selection is a track that had been on my wants list for quite a long time. This is one of those records that you could easily play the a or b side due to the quality. Today though I have gone for the b side.

Preston Love is a saxophone player from Omaha whose recording career started way back in 1945 as part of Count Basie’s Orchestra. As well as writing some of his own records, Love was to become the bandleader for Motown which led to him working alongside artists like Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops and The Temptations. By the late 60s Love began making some serious funk culminating in the excellent “Preston Love’s Omaha Bar-B-Q” which featured the excellent guitar work of the legendary Shuggie Otis. I hope you enjoy today’s track and it’s not so long until my next update! 

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