Jack Hammer – Colour Combination

Jack Hammer - Colour Combination

Only a couple of weeks ago my update featured a record in tribute to a musician who passed away around that time – A Tribe Called Quests’ Phife Dawg. As seems to be an almost weekly occurence in 2016, I recently heard of the passing of another favourite here at Gazfunk HQ – Jack Hammer.

We have featured Jack Hammer before on the blog some years back with the fantastic Swim which is the flipside of today’s choice. He also produced another one of my favourite records – the very rare “Down In The Subway” which was released as a Sweden only single and is very expensive these days. Sadly, I never turned one up in the days before it came to be out of my reach and I guess I’ll probably never be the owner of that record. Anyway, thanks for the great music – R.I.P.

Superfly Soul Party May 2016

Before I leave you this week I’d just like to mention my new club night called “Superfly Soul Party” which will kick-off in T13 on Sat 21 May. Check out the cool flyer above – hope to see you there for what promises to be a great night! 

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