Guest Contributor – Jamison Harvey aka DJ Prestige

DJ Prestige Hot Pants Road 16

Last week I mentioned that I hoped to have my next guest selector ready and I’m delighted to announce that the latest guest to plunder their collections for us is none other than my funk brother (and fellow LFC supporter) Jamison Harvey aka DJ Prestige.

Jamison has earned a reputation as one of the East Coast’s most respected and prolific crate diggers. To this end he details his travels into the world of funk on his excellent blog Fleamarket Funk As well as his blog, he regularly djs around New York/New Jersey and currently holds down a residency at the Leadbelly in New York where he spins all manner of funky 45s. As if that wasn’t enough, he recently gave a lecture to a school in Jersey about dj’ing and record collecting! So with no further ado, I’ll pass you over to the man himself…


Credit – Elion Paz, Dust & Grooves


My whole philosophy about buying records is that you don’t find records, they find you.  So basically, I don’t pay a lot of money for them.  The most I’ve ever paid for a forty five is $38, which was a lot for a copy of Mystic Moods “Cosmic Sea”.  I actually fond a stone mint white label for a quarter a bunch of years later.  But I digress.  The record we’re talking about today was one that I had searched for in the field for a long time.  It could easily be found on ebay, or discogs, or private sales if I had searched.  But I didn’t want to.  I wanted to find it in the field.  So fast forward to some early Saturday morning at a place in Central NJ we called “The Spot”.  I had been digging up gems for years there and writing about the records and the characters who sold them to me.  At this point, the cat was out of the bag and ebay sellers, other diggers, record dealers, and general pains in the asses were flooding the fleamarket.  It was circus like.  No matter how early I got there, there would be people pushing and shoving in front of crates.  I kid you not.  This particular Saturday morning, my friend and fellow vinyl lover Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves had come along with me to document this circus.  We ended up walking around and finding some decent records.  At one point, I see a dealer who I buy from sometimes.  In short, he is a bell end.  If he didn’t like an offer you made, he would just not sell to you.  However, he always had interesting finds, so I was digging through his boxes of sleeved and unsleeved 45s.  I picked up a few dollar gems, and then I saw a familiar label.  Pink and blue swirls, i always got butterflies and a pit in my stomach when I saw the label.  Usually it would be “Do The Thing”, or The Webs “The Thing Called Love”, both good records in their own right.  But it wasn’t “Hey Joyce”.  The soul banger with the bigger than life drum break.  I never saw it out in the field, ever. Well, that day I did.  Right there in its unsleeved glory.  I scooped it up and put it under some other stuff.  Sarcastically I ask; “Hey how much for the unsleeved records?”  Dude shoots back “$1”.  I paid and couldn’t even get to the end of the row of tables before I call my friend with excitement.  Best part, Eilon got a good shot of me in all my excitement.  This record never leaves my bag.  Ever.  Now to just find another for a buck to rock doubles.  You never know when a record will find you!

Hey Joyce for Gaz Funk 45


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