The Pazant Brothers – Skunk Juice

Pazant Brothers - Skunk Juice

I first came across today’s group about 15/20 years ago right around the time that I was starting to develop a big taste for funk. I think it was “Chick A Boom”that turned me on to them courtesy of it’s appearance on a compilation that I bought. I was struck by just how damn funky that track was and so I always kept my eye out for any other tracks by the group.

Another record that I later came across (and bought) was “Chicken Scratch” which was the flip of Betty Barney’s “Momma, Momma” (essentially the instrumental arrangement to Barney’s song) by a group called the Chili Peppers who it transpires was another name used by the Pazant Brothers.

And so it comes to this selection, yet another funky instrumental workout by the group and the third 45 by the group that I purchased. If, like me you really dig this record and would like to hear more by The Pazant Brothers than I suggest you check out the compilation put together by Ace Records called “The Brothers Funk” for even more groovy cuts.

Before I leave you this week, I just want to give you a little reminder that this Friday’s Soul Party! radio show will have a very special guest in the shape of Lack Of Afro playing exclusive tracks from his new album live in the studio. Check it out on from 6pm U.K. time. 

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