Georgie Woods – Potato Salad Part 1

Georgie Woods - Potato Salad

A busier update this week than last week’s effort more due to a few announcements about events I have coming up, rather than a lot of info about the track I have selected! Anyway, last week’s Soul Party radio show is now available to listen again from and if you visit the Soul Party! official Facebook page you’ll be able to find the full tracklisting. To add to that, I’m glad to say that the next show will feature a very special guest appearance by the super-talented dj/musician/producer Lack of Afro who will be having a chat and playing some exclusive tracks from his new album. Make sure to tune into that one on Friday 3 March between 6pm – 8pm UK time.

I’m also pleased to announce that I will be starting a new club alongside a friend of mine in T13, which is a cool new art space based in the historical Titanic Quarter in Belfast under the shadow of the iconic Samson & Goliath cranes. The launch date will be Saturday 19 March. For more info about the night please visit and give us a “like” while you’re there!

Finally, on to today’s selection and this is a lovely little piece of funky soul from Georgie Woods. Georgie Woods was a well-known radio dj in Philadelphia who championed the careers of many black artists including Sam Cooke and Jerry Butler and was also one of the first radio djs to play The Beatles.

As well as being known for his broadcasting, Woods was a huge supporter of the Civil Rights movement even at one point organising buses to take people to see Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream..” speech in Washington. Due to his popularity at the time he was able to cut this record which I suppose was something of a novelty track but nonetheless it still carried such a groove and became a minor hit in Philadelphia. Enjoy! 



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