Little Caesar & The Empire – Everybody Dance Now

Little Caesar & The Empire - Everybody Dance Now

A bit of a shorter post this week as I’m bringing you (yet again!) another record that I know nothing about. This one has been something of a recent addition to the collection and as I try to do with all of my records, I like to find out more of a back story about the label, song or artist. However, Google hasn’t been any help to me either in trying to find out info about this release.

I do know that this is a cover version of a track released on the same Cameo Parkway label by an outfit called “Soul City” in 1966. This version came a year later and I suppose you could say it has a bit of a Northern Soul vibe about it, though I would contest that it’s arguably more of an early funk record with that fantastic drum-led intro.

It’s probably best if I just let the record do the talking and you can judge for yourself – but either way it’s a storming uptempo single just made to dance to. Enjoy!! 

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