The Cocktail Cabinet – Breathalyser

The Cocktail Cabinet - Breathalyser

Happy New Year everyone. This is my first update of the New Year as I had a little visit to Glasgow for a few days last week so I didn’t get a chance to publish an update. Fear not though as this week’s return is an absolute corker.

Some of you may think this is more of a “60s” sounding track rather than soul or funk (which I suppose it probably is) but just listen to that hammond which is sooo damn funky. The other interesting thing to note about this record is that it was recorded by an artist who grew up near to me here in Northern Ireland – Mr Phil Coulter.

A native of Derry, Coulter’s career in music started out in rock and roll and he was hired to worked with Tom Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis and another local music icon, Van Morrison (for whom he co wrote “I Can Only Give You Everything” a hit for Morrison’s band “Them”)

As well as his work with Morrison, Coulter had perhaps his biggest hit with “Puppet On A String” a song that was to win the Eurovision Song Contest for Sandie Shaw in 1967. The flip of today’s selection is the original version of “Puppet On A String” also recorded in ’67. I hope you dig this hammond groover.

Before I go – I just want to remind you that my most recent show on Belfast Underground Radio (the first for a month) is now available to listen again at

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