Van Harris & The Vanguards – Hey, Hey (Feel Alright) Pt. I

Van Harris & The Vanguards - Hey, Hey (Feel Alright)

Hello all – I hope you had a great Christmas. Unfortunately mine was terrible due to being struck down with flu. As today is the first day I’ve been able to get out of bed in over a week so I thought I’d endeavour to bring you an update since my illness last week meant that I missed out (I’m sure you all just about coped!!)

Whilst illness did it’s best to spoil Christmas, the gift of some vinyl did in some way try to compensate for how I bad I was feeling (some more records always help when you’re feeling down!) and so it’s one such gift that I bestow on to you today.

This is a nice little instrumental that has a bit of a slower groove and a bit of jazzy piano, but there lurks a killer break in the middle of this one and overall probably fits into the “mod funk” genre that I mention every now and then. I hopes you dig it… 

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