The 5th Dimension – Another Day, Another Heartache

5th Dimension - Another Day, Another Heartache

The 5th Dimension seem to be one of those groups that have earned a reputation as something of a novelty act, which I suppose to some degree they probably are. However, that’s precisely one of the things that I like about them.

Sometimes soul & funk music can get a little too serious and I think that’s where The 5th Dimension play a role in lightening the mood a little. Their innocence and playful hippy style vibe is very endearing in my opinion and kinda reminds me of the fun side of music which can often get lost.

Yes o.k. it can get a little cheesy (see Up, Up and Away for example) but if you have ever seen the youtube clip of them performing a great cover (and probably my favourite track by them) of Nilsson’s “Rainmaker” on the Travelling Sunshine Show, you can’t help but smile a little. I hope you dig this one too! 

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