Gazfunk Guest DJ Slot, Wed 7 October, Botanica, New York w/ Mr Fine Wine

Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville

Well that was a great weekend at the opening party of the new Belfast Underground Radio Station. I got to spin some tunes for around 25 minutes to showcase my new “Soul Party” show which will probably be starting on Friday 16 October. The show will run every 2 weeks from 6 – 8pm (U.K. Time) so it would be great if you could check in with me and if you have any comments about the show, feel free to contact us. The website is now live and will allow you to listen to previous shows – you can check it out by visiting

This update also contains information about the next dj slot for my upcoming U.S. tour and as you can see above, this one is in NYC with the legend (and all-round good guy) Mr Fine Wine at his weekly party in Manhattan that he has been hosting since 1996! I’ve dj’d with Matt before (4 years ago) at the Botanica and so I’m really looking forward to catching up with him and laying down some funky pieces of platter. Matt has also been a long-term presenter on WFMU Radio with his show “Downtown Soulville” being one of the most listened to and respected shows of it’s kind anywhere.

All this leads me nicely on to today’s update and the song I have chosen is a track by Chuck Edwards – “Downtown Soulville”. Yep, this is the title theme for Matt’s show and a great little piece of funky soul. I’m sure you’ll dig it! This will be my last update before I jet off to the U.S. and it’s probably unlikely that I will get the chance to update while I’m away, however if you’re missing my posts you can check out some of my mixes (if you haven’t already) at and if Twitter is your thing, you can keep up to date with any goings on by following us at @GazfunkMusic where you’ll also be able to contact me when the radio show goes live.

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