Gazfunk Guest Dj Slot – Hip Drop VII, Ponderosa Stomp Opening Party, October 1, New Orleans

Danny White - Natural Soul Brother

So I’m back from Manchester and what an excellent weekend I had! Catching up with the guys from Black Bee Soul Club on Friday night after the Martha Reeves concert was good fun, with some great sounds on display by the boys – top stuff! Saturday saw my guest slot at Different Strokes in the “other room”. If you’ve never been to the club I suggest you make it a priority to visit a.s.a.p. Great music and a super-friendly crowd make this one of the best soul/funk nights in the country. I hope to make it back there some time in the not too distant future..

In case you missed it last week – I’ll be dj’ing this Saturday at the opening party for Belfast’s newest radio station – Belfast Underground Radio. Things kick off at 10am U.K. time and will be broadcast live across the internet for 12 hours (or more!) so please tune in. I’m not sure what time I’ll be on at but you’ll be able to check our twitter page for confirmation @GazfunkMusic. After the launch, my show will air every 2 weeks for 2 hours – again an exact date and time has to be agreed but I’ll update you when I know.

Finally, as you can see above, I have another guest dj slot on the horizon as part of my upcoming US Tour. I’ll be performing at the opening party for the Ponderosa Stomp Festival in New Orleans. The event is called “Hip Drop” (presumably named after the song by New Orleans legends “The Explosions”). I’m truly honoured to be invited along to play records at the launch of such a legendary music festival, in arguably the most important city in the world for black music. The Stomp this year plays host to a variety of legends including Mable John, Brenda Holloway, Betty Harris, Irma Thomas & Barbara Lynn (plus plenty of others!!). To find out more info about the festival visit

Well, I’ve just got a little time to bring you today’s update and since I’m playing New Orleans, it’s only right that I bring you a song from one of NOLA’s funkiest soul brothers – Danny White. Best known in U.K. circles for his monster Northern Soul tune “Cracked Up Over You”, the song I feature for you today is his 1968 release entitled “Natural Soul Brother” 2mins 20sec of White at his funkiest!

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