Gazfunk Guest Dj Slot – Tuesday 22 September, "Slow Jams", San Francisco

Rodger Collins - Foxy Girls In Oakland

Things will be pretty busy for me over the next few weeks. First up this weekend is my little trip to Manchester as a guest of my buddy Fatshoolaces’ jamboree at Different Strokes. Following that I’ll be dj’ing at the launch party for a new radio station due to start broadcasting from Belfast on 12 September. I’ll be hosting a regular 2 hour show on Belfast Undergound Radio which will be the only online radio station in the WORLD, that will broadcast live daily… from inside a record store in a multi camera video fashion. For more info, please visit

As if that wasn’t enough, the following week (19 September) I’ll be embarking upon my latest tour – this time to the U.S. I’ll be kicking things off in San Francisco on Tuesday 22 September as a guest at the “Slow Jams” night held in the Make Out Room in the Mission District. I have more dates to bring you over the coming weeks but for now I’ll just focus on today’s record.

As I’ll be kicking off the tour in the Bay Area, I thought I’d bring you one of my favourite songs from that part of the world – “Foxy Girls In Oakland” by Rodger Collins.Born in Texas in 1940, Collin’s re-location to Oakland saw his musical career take off with the release of “She’s Looking Good” in 1967, a record which was to prove extremely popular on the Northern Soul scene in the U.K. (alongside “Sexy Sugar Plum”). Today’s selection is Collins in altogether more funky mode – probably unsurprising as this track was cut in 1970 at the height of funk’s popularity in the Bay Area. Enjoy!

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