The Fabulous Shalimars – Funky Line Part I

The Fabulous Shalimars - Funky Line Part I

The Gazfunk train will pulling into Manchester station for a very special guest dj slot at Different Strokes on Saturday 5 September. I’ll be there to support my buddy Fatshoolaces as part of his birthday celebrations (he says it’s his 45th but I’m not so sure….). This will be a 2 room special at the Old Nag’s Head right in the city centre – admission is 6 measly pounds and for that you get 7 hours of music from 15 of the U.K. and Ireland’s best soul & funk djs. This certainly promises to be one of THE events of the year for funk & soul aficionados so if you’re in the area or indeed nearby, please drop by & get your funk on – it’s gonna be a special one indeed. Check out the groovy flyer below and for more info please visit the Facebook event page here


To that end, the track I bring you today is exactly the type of vibe I hope to be bringing on to the floor in Manchester. This one has an infectious groove with the vocalsit declaring “When I say hit it, I want you to give me the…” and various groups are name-checked including the Temptations & The Four Tops. Again , this is another one of those acts that I know very little about other than the fact that they cut 3 singles and came from Baltimore.

Before I go, I just want to let you know that I have some very exciting news that I hope to confirm with you in a few weeks time, but I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment until everything is 100% sorted. Stay tuned….

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