The Classitors – Gettin' T'Gether, Man

The Classitors - Gettin' T'Gether, Man

Every now and then you manage to find a copy of a track that has been on the wants list for quite a while and it fills you with a sense of satisfaction. Today’s record is one such example. What makes this purchase even more welcome is paying substantially under the going rate and realising that not only have you ticked off a long-term want, but you’ve also landed yourself a bargain in the process (I’m  sure this is something that the record buyers among you fully understand!!)

I’ve seen that this song has featured on the Northern Soul scene over the years which seems a little bit of a surprise to me as I consider it a bona fide funk record (just listen to the break about 1 minute in for confirmation!!)Maybe that may explain why it’s become “in demand” and fairly valuable over the years… I don’t happen to know much about The Classitors (or indeed Tyrone who is credited on the flip) but I do know this record was released in 1970 from a pretty small record label out of New Jersey.

I’d advised cranking this one up and preparing to engage in some serious hip-drops!

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